2022-07-27: News Headlines

WSWS (2022-07-26). American Federation of Teachers convention: In service of American capitalism's COVID-19 coverup, strike suppression, and war plans. wsws.org The American Federation of Teachers biennial convention towed the Democratic Party line in regard to covering up the pandemic, supporting war against Russia, and suppressing the working class through the trade union apparatus.

Labor Video Projectt (2022-07-26). US Covid-19 Insanity, The Working Class. Covid & Capitalism & THE NEW NORMAL By Dr. Gordon. indybay.org Dr. Nayvin Gordon reports on abandonment of any public health protection as the Covid-19 pandemic expands over two years after the pandemic starts.

____ (2022-07-25). Behind the Drought and Food Deficits in Africa. transcend.org 19 Jul 2022 – The world is facing a combination of imperialist interventions, climate change and the burgeoning economic crisis of world capitalism.

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