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2022-08-05: News Headlines

____ (2022-08-04). China's non-CPC political parties make joint statement on Pelosi visit. ecns.cn China's eight non-Communist Party of China (CPC) political parties on Thursday released a joint statement expressing their strong opposition to, indignation at and condemnation of the recent visit of Nancy Pelosi.

WSWS (2022-08-04). Workers Struggles: Europe, Middle East & Africa. wsws.org Aviation workers including cabin crew and pilots continue fight over pay and conditions throughout Europe, in Spain, Belgium, Holland and Portugal; pensioners arrested as protests continue in Iran as food inflation hits 82 percent, driving many to suicide; public sector strike continues in Lebanon as poverty levels hit 74 percent; protests in Gaza against cost-of-living crisis with electricity supplies running short, undrinkable tap water and collapsing health care; Nigerian university and college workers' strike continues over pay and to demand resources to "save" education; four shot dead by police in South Afr…

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