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2023-06-06: News Headlines

John Ross (2023-06-06). Why China's socialist economy is more efficient than capitalism. mronline.org The difficulty the U.S. faces in its current attempts to damage China's economy was analysed in detail in the article "The U.S. is trying to persuade China to commit suicide". Reduced to essentials, the U.S. problem is that it possesses no external economic levers powerful enough to derail China's economy.

WSWS (2023-06-05). Train horror in India: Another crime of decaying capitalism. wsws.org The government has been spending lavishly on the military, as part of its deepening strategic alliance with US imperialism against China, while refusing to make the necessary investments in a rail system that is a crucial means of transportation for the country's more than a billion people.

Amanda Yee (2023-06-06). Revolution and Counterrevolution: Remembering Tiananmen 34 Years Later. orinocotribune.com By Amanda Yee — Jun 3, 2023 | The story we are typically told in the West is that young student activists had gathered in Tiananmen Square, uniting around the liberal demands of democracy and freedom, bravely defying the repressive Chinese government. After weeks of these ongoing protests, the Communist Party of China had had enough and cracked down on the peaceful protesters. As the story goes, in the early morning hours of June 4, 1989, People's Liberation Army tanks rolled into the square. They were said to be indiscriminately shooting and mowing down innocent, unarmed protesters, killing thousands. | To…

teleSUR (2023-06-05). Torrential Rains Leave 15 Dead and 8 Missing in Haiti. telesurenglish.net On Sunday, the Civil Protection Department (DPC) reported that fifteen Haitians died and eight people are missing due to the heavy rains that hit the country on Saturday. | RELATED: | These human losses occurred in the departments of the West, the Southeast, and the Northwest, which are regions plagued by extreme poverty, local outlet Rezo Nodwes reported. | According to provisional data, 5 out of 10 departments were severely affected. The…

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