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2023-06-26: News Headlines

mforinoco (2023-06-25). The Western Left Must Reject Anti-China Propaganda and Join the Progressive Global Trend. orinocotribune.com By Jenny Clegg — Jun 20, 2023 | What follows is the text of a speech given by veteran British peace activist and China specialist Jenny Clegg at the launch event in London for Carlos Martinez's book The East is Still Red: Chinese socialism in the 21st century. | Summarizing the key points of the book, Jenny highlights in particular the escalating New Cold War and anti-China rhetoric in the West. "China is being presented as an existential threat to the Western way of life so as to prepare a climate for war." | Beyond the obvious dangers of preparing a climate for war, Jenny points out that the incessant lies…

Party for Socialism, Liberation (2023-06-25). PSL Statement: The Failed Coup in Russia. liberationnews.org An attempted coup directed against Russia's military forces has ended. The leader of the coup attempt, Yevgeny Prigozhin, has agreed to leave Russia.

WSWS (2023-06-26). The far-right politics of Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. wsws.org Kennedy Jr. has garnered support from billionaire libertarians, anti-vaccine zealots and Trump co-conspirators for centering his presidential campaign on opposition to all COVID-19 mitigation measures, anti-immigrant border policies and a zealous adherence to "American free market capitalism."

Ian Angus (2023-06-25). Ecosocialist Bookshelf, June 2023. greenleft.org.au From peasant farms to world history to cities in crisis, Climate and Capitalism editor Ian Angus presents six important new books for greens and reds.

Peninsula Peace & Justice Center (2023-06-25). Thursday 6/22: Pride, Prejudice & Corporate P.R: Corporate Capitalism and Anti-LGBTQIA+ Hate. indybay.org Online via Zoom…

rs21.org.uk (2023-06-25). Think abortion is legal in Great Britain? rs21.org.uk Marx in the anthropocene.

thecommunists (2023-06-25). Michael Palin in the DPRK: a western exceptionalism showcase. thecommunists.org This article is reproduced from the Class Consciousness Project, with thanks. ***** This article was prompted by an awful piece of BBC propaganda, entitled Michael Palin in North Korea. If you want to understand western exceptionalism, watch this programme, first with and then without sound, because the only part of this presentation that makes the …

Strike Debt Bay Area (2023-06-26). Saturday 7/15: Strike Debt Bay Area Book Group: Poverty by America, by Matthew Desmond. indybay.org Email strike.debt.bay.area@gmail.com a few days beforehand for the online invite.

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